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Behavior Consulting Peppy Patch provides individualized behavior therapy using ABA early intervention program.
Our programs utilize methods of Verbal Behavior to develop tailored programs whose focus is on functional language and functional social skills as replacement for target behavior.
Target behavior is the behavior we observe, intervene, and analyze.
Our program contains receptive language, requests, imitation, vocalization, academic skills, social sills, motor skills, and self help skills.
We also offer consulting, programming, training for therapists and parents as well as online consultation.

Our ABA Therapy

We offer: Home-based therapy and Center-based therapy session

  Home-Based Center-Based
Therapy 100% one-to-one private and small group
Time 2hours 1hour and 45 minutes
Place home center in Setagaya-ku,
near Matsubara or
Gotokuji station
Fee 100% at own expense 10% of the fee with
welfare recipient notebook

The Social Welfare Service Recipient Certificate

By obtaining the ‘social welfare service recipient certificate’ and applying for services through the public institutions, you will be eligible to receive the center-based services at the lower fee.


Rumiko Jikuhara, M.A., BCBA

Graduated from Pepperdine University,
M.A. in clinical psychology with an emphasis in marriage and family therapy.
Worked as an intern with people with addiction.
Worked as an intern with people with psychotic disorders.
Worked as a behavior therapist in ABA for 10years.
Trained in ABA and Verbal Behavior by Michele Anderson since Jan. 2008.


Michele L. Anderson, M.A., BCBA

The director of Anderson Behavior Consulting.
Trained in Advanced Verbal Behavior in a consultant workshop by Dr. Carbon, Ed. D., BCBA Trained in ABA through Southern Illinois University rained in autism and special education at the university of British Columbia.
Trained in psychology and ABA at the University of Manitoba.


Sayuri Thiesen

Graduated from University of Hawaii in Psychology.
Worked as a behavior therapist for a total of 6 years, in the US and in Japan.
Experienced in a variety of therapy modalities, including DTT, NET, VB, PRT, Social Skills Training, Theory of Mind, Peer Dates, and Shadowing in school environments.


Toyomi Sakai

Child Mental Health Adviser
WorkPlace Options Affiliate Partner
International Mental Health Professionals Japan Clinical Member
Industrial Counselor

BA from Atomi University in 1990 and a MSW from Stony Brook University in 2005.
Managed group therapies and counselings for patients, children and family members at Inpatient’s Adult Psychiatry in Stony Brook University Hospital, as well as Timothy Hills Children’s Ranch while she was in New York.
Currnetly practicing in various settings including EAP as well as individual counselings, and actively supports for children with developmental disorders.

Sample Programs


  1. Verbal instructions
  2. Respond to different therapists
  3. Enjoy reinforcing items with therapists

Receptive language

  1. Respond to own name
  2. Select specific objects
  3. Select items by features, functions, classes

Play skills

  1. Independently in/outdoor play activities
  2. Independently play with toys engaging in verbal behavior
  3. Sociodramatic play

Self-help skills

  1. Toilet training
  2. Coat on and off

Motor skills

  1. Jump
  2. Scissors

Service and Fee for Home sessions

1st Free Consultation (1hour) ¥0
1:1 Bahavior Therapy ¥6,400~/hour

Transportation round trip

Traveling Fee

Less than 1hour of 1 way trip ¥0
Longer than 1 hour ¥1,000/hour
Out of prefecture ¥10,000/day

Job Opening for a part time therapist and shadow therapist
We are looking for a therapist and shadow therapist who are eager to join our team. We train therapists. No experience needed.
please contact us for details.